2024 Presidential Election Calendar

Posted by Brian Tines on

The 2024 presidential election will take place on November 5. This calendar outlines events for each state and territory from now until election day.

The Republican and Democratic conventions will take place in July and August, respectively.


April 20               Wyoming Caucus
April 21               Puerto Rico Primary
April 23               Pennsylvania
April 28               Puerto Rico Primary
May 7                 Indiana Primary

May 14               Maryland Primary

                           W Virginia Primary

May 21               Kentucky1 Primary Primary
                           Oregon1 Primary Primary

May 23                   Idaho Caucus

June 4                    District of Columbia Primary
                               Montana Primary
                               New Jersey Primary
                               New Mexico Primary
                               South Dakota Primary

June 8                    Guam Caucus
                               Virgin Islands Caucus

July 15 - 18             Republican Convention (Milwaukee, WI)

August 19 - 22        Democratic Convention (Chicago, IL)

September 16         Presidential Debate (San Marcos, TX)

September 25         Vice Presidential Debate (Easton, PA)

October 1                Presidential Debate (Petersburg, VA)

October 9                Presidential Debate (Salt Lake City, UT)
November 5            2024 Presidential Election

December 17            Electors Cast Their Votes