Pee on Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Hillary, and Biden Toilet Target Projector

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🚽 FUNNY PEE TOILET TARGET PROJECTOR - The funny toilet target light with images of your least favorite Democrats, you can have this projecting these demons' faces into your toilet bowl to pee and poop on their faces.

It needs to be turned on manually but automatically turns off two minutes after you leave.

For example, select Biden, who said "I Did That", to start the pee time. Pee on his face now!

🎯 HIGH DEFINITION FUNNY DEMOCRATIC IMAGES - This pee target light has ultra-high-definition images, makes going to the bathroom much more enjoyable. This is a fun conversation piece.Lock Biden, Hillary, Harris, Pelosi in the toilet and make them the best pissing targets in America. Take turns choosing who you hate as your target from Monday to Sunday and pee in their face every morning to start a good day.

🔁 EASY INTERCHANGEABLE - Easily change between: Creepy Joe Biden – Camel Laugh Kamala Harris – Crooked Hillary – Nutty Nancy Pelosi, you select which of these 4 faces project directly into your toilet bowl to pee and poop on their faces and despise all of them.


Requires 3 AAA Batteries - not included.