Talking Trump Talking Birthday Card - Best Donald Trump Gifts Ever

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  • Making Birthdays Great Again!
  • Look above to watch the NEW Trump Birthday Card. Yes, it's really President Donald Trump's voice wishing you a Happy Birthday! One of the best holiday gifts to create laughter and fun for friends & relatives.
  • π—©π—’π—œπ—–π—˜Β PLAYS π—ͺπ—›π—˜π—‘ 𝗖𝗔π—₯𝗗 π—œπ—¦ π—’π—£π—˜π—‘π—˜π——
  • Create big laughs when someone opens this funny birthday card and suddenly hears a recorded birthday message from Donald Trump's booming voice saying: "I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I would never say in your case that you're fired, so I'll just say, you're hired!"