Trump 2024 3X5 Foot No More BS Flag

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Trump 2024 No More BS Flag

3x5 Feet

The flag measures 3x5 feet, perfect for making a significant visual impact at rallies, events, or right at home. Constructed from robust polyester, it ensures durability and longevity, even when displayed outdoors in various weather conditions.


  • Size: 3 x 5 feet
  • Material: Durable, weather-resistant polyester
  • Design: Illustration of Donald Trump on a tank, emphasizing leadership and power
  • Color: Rich colors that remain vivid through different weather
  • Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments


  • Q: Can this flag be used in outdoor settings?
    • A: Absolutely, it's made from high-quality polyester that stands up well to outdoor conditions.