Trump 2024 Magnet Sticker Decal 2 Pack

Regular price $30.00

Size: Large
Color: Blue
Material: Vinyl
Brand: QSUM
Shape: Square

Removable and reusable: Trump 2024 magnetic stickers can be easily pasted and removed, and can be easily transferred and reused. Increased the flexibility of publicity.
No damage to the car paint: Trump car sticker adhesion to the surface of the car through magnetic force. Allows the owner to show support for the candidate without damaging the car paint.
Mobile advertising: A moving vehicle becomes a walking billboard that trump 2024 sticker can display information about candidates or political parties in different areas.
Easy to change and update: Once a candidate has a new political message or campaign, supporters can easily change the car sticker, ensuring the timeliness and effectiveness of the publicity message.
Personalized design: Provide customized trump 2024 sticker services, including the candidate's avatar, slogan, logo, etc., to make it more personalized and recognizable.